The artist paints a picture on his canvas,
You Oh! and Ah! and hang it on your wall.
When I do the same with my paper and pen
I can see you don't understand at all.

Maybe I should buy some fancy paper
Think of all the pretty words I know,
decorate every line with butterflies and flowers,
draw a happy face in every "O."

I could tell you only like happy ending stories,
depicting life as you would have it be.
Accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative,
for the truth isn't what you want to see.

I could bask in your ultimate approval,
accept your accolades with charm and grace.
But I won't bend, and I won't bow, I'll just bide my time.
So wipe that patronizing smile from off your face!

And if I should ever happen to be famous,
I promise you will be the first to know,
and I'll make no attempt to be humble,
I'll just thumb my nose and say I told you so!

By Charlotte Perry
©2015 Charlotte Perry